Basso will be closed on Dec. 7th from 3pm-5pm, and closed the evening of Dec. 15th

Basso Named Best Restaurant by St.Louis Magazine

We are very excited to announce that St. Louis Magazine has created a list of this year's best restaurants in St. Louis, which highlights out the top eateries in town, and Basso made the list!

As St. Louis Magazine explains, "Anyone who put in time at The Cheshire's basement bar in the '90s won't believe that Basso (Italian for "beneath") occupies the same space. In the decor, a sleek, contemporary style meets classical Italian finishes. That description could just as easily be applied to the upscale pub food under the direction of James Beard Award–winning chef Patrick Connolly."

To check out the full list, click here and head on down to Basso to see just why it's so exciting!